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General informations
Natural land area: 4.029,6 square kilometres
Population: 1.066.402 people
Density: 264 persons per square kilometres
Administrative units: 08 districts (Tay Ninh, Tan Bien, Tan Chau, Duong Minh Chau, Chau Thanh, Hoa Thanh, Ben Cau, Go Dau, Trang  Bang)
Ethnics: Viet, Cham, Khmer, Hoa
Climate: Tropical climate, with rainy season from May to late November, then dry season from December to April next year.

Tay Ninh is contiguous to Cambodge on the West, Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc provinces on the East, Hochiminh-city and Long An province on the South
Tay Ninh is a land of mountains, plains and scenic very attractive for many tourists. Tay Ninh forest has more than 200 species of precious wood, 250 rare species of animal with a solid number three stripes, the largest gold turtle in Vietnam with more than 700 species of insects. Today, these precious animals and plants are preserved and protected.

Tay Ninh province is famous for its spectacular natural scenery.  With the higheur of 986 m, Ba Den moutain is the place where is built a museum and a pagoda. Tay Ninh is also the shrine of the Cao Dai religion.



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